Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scary Mountain Passes

Last Friday I got a call from my dad asking us to drive down to Pagosa Springs to meet him at Franks. No problem. Except that my husband has finally got some wells to drill and would be spending the weekend getting his equipment ready to leave the yard. Which meant I would be doing the driving to Pagosa by myself .....well, by myself with five kids in tow. I am fairly used to going places without Alan as his job doesn't always allow for him to take off in the summertime, but drive to Pagosa is a bit of a challenge.

But with a determined heart we set off at 7 am Saturday morning. Our first stop was the bank. I never leave home without my credit card and at least 40.oo in my pocket. You never know.
Then it was straight to Wal-Mart to rent some movies from the RED BOX. I LOVE the RED BOX. Also know as saving a mothers sanity box. The kids happily watched a flick while I drove valiently on over the mountains.

To get to my brothers house I have to drive to Silverton (thats pass number one). The road has many hairpin turns and switchbacks as well as some none existent shoulders. You do not want to day dream even for a second on Red Mountain Pass or you might wake up well you know.

Once at Silverton we immediently started on Coal Bank Pass (thats number two). It was at least as bad as the first. But the kids were happily involved in their movie. Except for Emily, who had chosen about that time to get carsick. Well she didn't upchuck, she just threatened to repeatedly. Finally we arrived at Durango, where we stopped for gas and snacks. As an experienced mother I allowed all the kids a drink and candy. This is not a time to preach good nutrition habits, this is a time to keep children happily sugared up and starting at a screen. We still had 50 miles to go.

We found Franks house without incident and the kids enjoyed their time with my dad & their cousins. We decided to spend the night because the thought of driving the passes at night gives me the willies. Plus I really didn't want to risk Emily making good on her promise to upchuck in my van. We made it home with out incident, but the next time dad wants to see the grandkids I'll stay home and get the equipment ready and Alan can take the kids.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss USA

I, as most of you know, am a fairly conservative person. My hubby is over the top conservative. A couple of days ago the Miss USA pagent was on television. We did not watch this as we/mostly I, are morally opposed to parading young women out and judging them based on their looks, and figures, for the most part. As if young women don't have enough self-esteem issues already.

However, the next day, Fox News was replaying a portion of the contest, The interview question, due to the fact that one of the judges was extremely biased due to his own lifestyle. He had asked the question of Miss California, "What is your OPINION of gay marriage in the United States, should all states follow the lead of Vermont and legalize it?"

To which she replied as for me & my house I am a Christian and do beleive that marriage is between a man & a woman only. Or something to that effect.

The moronic judge who asked the question gave her a ZERO out of ten. How is some openly gay internet celebrity blogger even given the opportunity to judge that contest. How sad that the extreme left of this country has taken over every area of the entertainment industry.

I for one was very proud of her and her answer. It did cost her the crown. She came in first runner up. And now I have an even lower opinion of Miss USA constests!

Thanks for letting me vent.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I got the WORM!!

A couple of days ago my computer started acting funny. Not funny ha ha, more like oh no what is going on funny. Anyway by yesterday it was taking my computer 20 minutes to boot up when I turned it on. Yikes. Then it decided it did not wish to allow me to actually use any of my programs. It refused to let me get on the internet and what not. This is not good. My hubby has jobs to bid. I have paperwork to do and blogs to read for goodness sake. So this morning with hubbys blessing I joyfully drove to Office Depot, one of my favorite stores of all time, and met with an awesome geeky tech guy named Miles, and explained to him the situation with my wreck of a computer. Oh, well, it sounds like you got infected with the April Fools Worm.

Is THAT all??

It has basically rendered my computer useless. So I got a new shiny one today. I am in the process of restoring my files to this computer (thank goodness for Carbonite), and everything should be back normal tomorrow.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am blessed to have many very close friends. People I truly care about. People who I could call on in my hour of deepest need and I know without a doubt that they would come to my rescue.

Some of those friends have taken up permanent residence in my heart and no matter how far away I physically move from them I carry them with me every day. You all know who you are. My BFF celebrates her 38th b-day today. I love her so much and totally miss her. But, very soon she and her family will be coming to visit. I can hardly wait!!