Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday-Sweet Corn-Singing

Well to begin with we went to church. Very good for us. Meeting was well attended and was reasonably well participated in. (There I go ending a sentence incorrectly.) Rusty & Childern were here and I don't know how long they are staying but the Bellew crew were present & accounted for.(There I go again.) After church we invited several over but everyone was going out to eat. We came home and grilled some steaks and fixed Olathe Sweet sweet corn. It was totally fab. You Oregonians don't know what you are missing. After dinner Randy & Cheri came by and we visited. I just love having them in Colorado. If they were to move I would bawl for a good long time. Jim & Angela Mc came by and picked greens with Scotty & Sara Esser and their kids. Then everyone came in and had ice cream. Nothing like chocolate ice cream to bring people together. Luke came with Jim & Ang and brought his instruments and we had an impromptu singing. It was well attended and well participated in by adults and children alike.

There was a mens meeting tonight and I told Alan he must go or I would refuse to listen to him gripe about anything for the next month. So There. So he went.

Oh I just remembered to day is a birthday for two of my very good friends from childhood and beyond. Happy Birthday Bro. Dennis & Bro. Dravin. Not that either of them ever read my blog but just in case. Dennis - you have only one year until you join the fogey crowd!

Well that is just about all I have to say at this point. Have a good week.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally a New Post

So here the deal. We have been extremely busy this summer. Alan finished the Norwood wells for the developer, we faxed him the invoices and he sent us a check. WOW! That was fast. So for the time being we are feeling pretty wealthy!!HEE HEE. Now after I pay the bills that will be a different story.

We have moved the drill to a new site and I hope we hit water for this guy. They are almost finished building their vacation house and it would just be a bummer to have to haul water all the way up there. If we had magic water finding eyes we would just know where to drill and how deep and everyone would be happy. Unfortunately, God did not so bless us with those.

We have been setting in an awful lot of meetings this past week. Bro. Alva & Sis. Sonya have been here from Vici and he has been holding meetings. Really good meetings, but long. So we just holed up here at home last night and didn't go visiting or anything. We are trying to get some bookwork done and I am trying to put the house back together. We did have some company ourselves. Bro. Danny & Sis. Coweta Godwin from Cushing came and stayed with us a couple of days. They are a bit older than Alan & I and have kids our age, but we sure enjoyed them being here and visiting with us. We had two babtized last week, one boy from Vici and Bro. Alva's Son in Law from Delta. It was so nice to see that finally happen.

On another note I purchased a new camera, because I have been unable to find mine. Well lo and behold it turned up a week after I bought the new one. But I personally feel you cannot own too many cameras. So I will just keep them both.

That is all I have to write now. Remember I Love You all and really would like you to post a comment just so I know I haven't been talking to myself!!