Friday, July 25, 2008

This That & The Other Thing

This has been a fairly busy week in the McCracken Camp. Alan has completed 2 of the six wells has contracted for one developer and several more jobs have lined up to be done hopefully before Christmas! I found out that I am really not a very good camper even with a fully equipped travel trailer. Big surprise there! It rained and was cold most of the time we were in Norwood so we spent a lot of time indoors reading & playing. Alan had to come back down in valley Wednesday night to gather supplies so the little ones and I came with him and got to stay home!!! Yah for me.

I have been spending the last few days catching up on housework and doing business books. Figured out we had enough money in the business to give ourselves a paycheck. That is always a nice thing to discover.

Stupid horses got out last night. Looks like one of them cut his leg badly and tore some ligaments so it will have to be put down this fall. It took myself and aproximately 10 neighbors and mom & dad McCracken about 45 minutes to get them pinned back up. Anybody want a horse?

Dravin & Krista Mc are supposed to be around sometime this weekend. I hope that works out. It will be nice to see them again. Their kids are so much fun and my boys have a blast with them.

Alans family on the McCracken/Pfister side are having a family reunion this weekend so I need to make some things to take to it. Probably brownies and sandwiches as that is the easiest. You all know what a gourmet chef I am.

Mom mc & Cendie are going to Wash next week for the Beach Party. Wish I could go too. But that is highly unlikely. Do I sound jealous? Perhaps this winter we will make it that direction.
I should probably get off of here and make some lunch as Alan & the boys are on their way home. Love you all please leave and comment and let me know you visited.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Learning to Speak Spanglish

This year as I have said, I will be homeschooling Tyler & Mason. One of the things we all want to accomplish is to learn how to speak Spanish. I purchased from Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) levels 1 & 2. It arrived last night and I have been messing around with it since. This morning Alex says "Mama I want to learn to speak English too." So I guess that is my next job. To teach Alex how to speak English!

On a different note. We have been extremely busy with our well drilling business this summer. We are supposed to go to Norwood and drill 10 wells for a developer there. So we will be borrowing a camp trailer to live in for a couple of weeks and we will stay up there until the jobs are done. I am not very outdoorsy, but I will be a trouper and report back to everyone my survival tips. Some of you are old hands at this so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I got to meet Sis. Laurie & Family this last weekend. That was very nice. I guess I didn't meet the whole family as I beleive she has a bunch of boys, but did meet Raine and the dad.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day Trip to Ouray, Colorado

Today I took the kids(except Tyler) up to the hot springs pool in Ouray. For those of you who do not live around here it is pronounced U-Ray. We had the best time. Alex & Amy wore water wings and floated everywhere. Of course Alex, being the brave little man, decided after about 5 minutes that he did not need those silly things and took them off! I guess having a pool here at the house has really helped in that area because he was swimming pretty well without them.

It amazes me how social my kids are sometimes. Alex and Emily both had no problem finding a little buddy to hang out with while we were there. Amy & Mason hung out with me. Mason had to do the lap test to go in the deep water (AGAIN)! He couldn't remember the name of the guy who gave him the test 2 years ago so they made him do it over. He can swim pretty well, but it is a hard test (I dont know if I could pass it!) Thankfully once you are over 13 Yrs you don't have to take it at all! He was pretty slow but he passed. I told the lifegaurd the reason he was so slow on the back stroke was because his arm is crokked (sp) from a break he had when he was 6, he passed anyway, I was pretty pleased with him for sticking with it.

My Dad showed up after we had been there 3 hours. He is in town (ouray) for a week at a small family reunion with some of his brothers. They have rented a lodge 10,000 square feet for a week! It is pretty neat inside. I stopped by and took a look at it on the way out of town. I think dad is going to stay with us a couple of weeks this summer. It should be fun. He does seem kind of lost without mom though. It feels weird that she is not here too. This was a trip she was very excited about taking, and when it came to the end, she told him he better go himself!! So he did.

Alan's business is really taking off this summer. (Thanks for all the prayers). In this line of work it is either feast or famine. So if I'm fat when you see me next you will know we had a good year! On the other hand, I do like being skinny!