Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Life Without Pepsi

Almost 2 weeks ago a friend passed away quite suddenly from a heart attack. He wasn't very old. We will miss him very much. The whole episode got me thinking how I should probably be taking better care of my health. I have a great fear of developing diabetes when I get older. I also have a tendency to like, I mean really like, OK LOVE, sweets!! I know from experience that I cannot/will not give up all sweets at once, so I decided to change just one thing.

Last Saturday I gave up Pepsi. For those of you that know me well that is a HUGE step. I have drank Pepsi most of my life for goodness sake. But it has been a week now, and although I have had a slight caffine headache for a day or two, for the most part I am feeling really good. Whodathunk it! For those of you who are thinking about joining me on my quest let me give you a few good reasons.

1. Pop is expensive. I figure I am saving at the least $10 a week. Right now that is quite a bit of money to us. Plus by not stopping by the convience store to get a Pepsi I am not tempted to pick up the occasional candy bar or pack of gum.

2. Less sugar in my diet. This is huge and truthfully the reason I gave it up to begin with. As much as I love sweets, sugar makes me feel bad. That is after the initial sugar rush.

3. My stomach does not feel bloated all the time. I didn't really realize this until last night. But it's true, tummy feels a lot better.

4. I don't pass gas as much. At the risk of sounding crude I can tell you this is a big plus. Especially for my husband & kids.

5. I sleep a thousand times better at night! No kidding. If you are having trouble sleeping give up pop and remember to pray before bed. Your body feels better & your mind is at peace.

6. My teeth don't hurt. The fizz in pop eats away at the enamel on my teeth & the sugar makes them hurt.

Let me know if you have anything to add to my list.

I will now get down off my soap box and wish you all a very good week.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Man Jeans!

Whoever gave little boys permission to grow up? I know I constantly tell them to learn how to take care of themselves, learn to work, learn to cook, learn to do your own laundry, ect. ect..

But why oh why did they start listening to me? Who gave Tyler permission to grow into man jeans?

It used to be so easy to buy clothes for my oldest two boys. They started out in size 2T slim wranglers and through the years they just graduated to a size larger each year. Made it real easy to shop. Fashionista's they are not. So when did Tyler decide to mess with my system? He was doing quite fine in 16 Slims, until I realized one day that Mason was wearing them also. And Tyler informed me that he did not have ANY jeans that fit him properly. Yes the boy is growing into this huge Teen/Man Thing. Now he is exactly two sizes smaller than his daddy. Thats Right. Alan in 30x34, and Tyler is 28x32. The jeans fit great with his mansized feet, and mansized hands, and that head of his oh my it sure is big! But come to think of it, the head was big to start with.

It all scares me sometimes. My oldest baby is now counting down the days until he gets his drivers permit! Eeek! Don't they know they shouldn't give small childern permission to drive large motorized vehicles on public roadways? Before you know it he will decide to up and buy a house or something, equally adulty. In case you all can't tell I am slightly freaked out by all this growing up business.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Movie Night at the McCrackens

It is no secret that my husband doesn't like going out on dates. That is unless the dates include standing in freezing weather at some equipment auction, in that case, he's all for it. So through the years I have taken the kids in small groups to do "date night with mom!" Tyler & Mason have gone on several dates with me, bowling, out to dinner, movies, different stuff like that. Emily & I occasionally do a girls night out with a little shopping thrown in. Amy is the baby and since she is with me 24/7, we have many lunch dates & park dates. For some reason I don't think I have had a date with Alex in a very long time. Probably since he started school.

Yesterday Alan suggested that I surprise Alex with a date night, just Alex & Mom. Sounded like a great idea to me. So after I picked him up at school and sprung the big surprise on him, he says,

"Oh, That is so awesome! Can we bring dad? And the boys? And the girls too?" I gently explained that date night was just for him and me to spend some time together. He was a little let down by that. Then he said that would be fine, could we go to McDonalds, and bring Amy too so he would have someone to play with. Well OK then. So I asked would he like to rent a movie and get some movie theater type snacks at Wal-Mart, and then we could do a movie night at our house for the whole family.

Yes! This is going to be the best date ever mom. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Hey what can I say, some of my best ideas come on at the spur of the moment.

Off to McDonald we went for our date dinner. Just Mom & Alex & oh yeah, Amy. Where I proceeded to purchase two happy meals, of which, one went 80% uneaten. When will I ever learn. It isn't that they don't like chicken nuggets, it's just that running around and screaming in the play place occupied most of their time. After the customary 5 minute warning, they came back and ate up a bit more of their food and off we went to Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart is the motherlode for Theater Style snacks. We got Fruit Punch, Pepsi, and Sierra Mist for our drinks. We picked up a case of Mega-Butter style microwave pop-corn. We got ice-cream treats, and we finished it off with huge packages of different kinds of movie theater candy. We were determined to have the best Theater Snack Bar in the valley.

The tricky part came when we went to find a movie. We had planned to rent "Space Buddies" and "Beverly Hills Chi WaWa", but apparently every other family in the Montrose area, had the same Movie Night at home plan that we did. It must be the economy. Finally we found a couple of movies that would make for a good substitution. "The Original Pink Panther Cartoons" & "The City of Embers". After watching an hour of pink panther I called it a night. But the party animals stayed up much later.