Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Final Push

Seems that most things in life come down to the final push. We are always looking forward to something happening, or not happening. This week is full of final pushes for us.

On Friday night Em is going to her first Girl Scout banquet where she becomes an official "Brownie". I bought her a cute pair of Kahki slacks and a white polo to wear as well as her sash. I must iron on her patches and make some BBQ Baked beans all by Friday afternoon.

Alan started a new well today. I'm pretty happy about that as our season is coming to an end and this is the time of year I start getting stressed about weather we will have enough money on hand to make to next season. This is the final push of the season, before the snow falls, or the election takes place and we find ourselves facing many, many, many months of no new wells to drill and the possibility of Alan needing to find a position somewhere. Oh the things I worry about.

Saturday night my two oldest boys are going to attend a Masquarade Ball at Orchard Mesa church. So as a good mommy I will make a trek to Murdochs for Black jeans and long sleave white button ups. This is what they are wearing with their mask. Very original huh?? They worked on their mask yesterday, did a pretty good job too. My little guys are growing up right before my eyes. Tyler is taller than Grandma Minnie. Weird huh. He has great big man feet. He doesn't walk he struts. Where did he get all this extreme confidence from. I know it wasn't from me, his neurotic mother. And I don't think from his dad either, he leans toward the quiet side. It must be some throwback gene he inherited from my mom. HMMMM.

Mason is growing about 6 inches a week, or so it seems. About 2 weeks after buying new jeans for him I start noticing he is wearing high waters. "Who's jeans are those Mason?" oh "There mine, mom" "Where did you get them?" "You bought them." Well Duh, like he is really going to spend any of HIS hard earned money on clothes! So okay now he is moving up yet another size, and it looks like we will need to drill an extra well a year just to keep the kid clothed.

My little Alex is learning to read. Slowly surely. He is not too fond of math though. Just another thing for me to worry about. I know from experience he will be reading and doing math with great ability by the time he is 12. Life sure is funny that way.

Amy has discovered PBSKIDS.ORG. She has to play at least one game a day on it or serious fits ensue. I fear I am raising a little terrorist.


meNmykids said...

Sounds like you are busy. Me too, lots of pushes around here too. Sigh. I'm probably not as good about it as you.

Trina said...

You seriously crack me up!! I can totally relate to your post. I feel like we are in the final push alot. At least someone in this house always FEELS that way it seems. Our lives are so full with these big families, its amazing and yet challenging all rolled in to one, don't ya think?

Amber Lois said...

I wish I could be there to see all the happenings. I really would like to see your boys go to a ball.

Hehe then Emily. I just miss you so much.

Sylvia said...

We are in the final push also. It is such a relief to get it done and then there is another push. It never ends does it? I better go and get things done.

Marisela said...

Life is so busy and the kids are growing up so fast. I know how you feel it seems like I am constanly buying new shoes or clothes for some one cuz they just don't fit anymore

skylene said...

Glad everything is going well; even if it is pushing you around!

Where is my Brain said...

Hi It's me your niece. Yeah Tammy Easter. THe lazy blogger that her sister in las Sky shamed into posting. She helped my find people over the phone, so now I will try to post and visit everyone.

Neena said...

Wow! Sounds like your kids are really growing up. It's so hard to imagine. And it feels really strange to be the one saying "They're growing up so fast!" and "I remember when you were a baby!" (I don't remember when your kids were babies, but if we lived closer I'm sure I would). That's good that Bro. Alan is doing well in his work. I hope you guys are fine through the winter.