Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Life Without Pepsi

Almost 2 weeks ago a friend passed away quite suddenly from a heart attack. He wasn't very old. We will miss him very much. The whole episode got me thinking how I should probably be taking better care of my health. I have a great fear of developing diabetes when I get older. I also have a tendency to like, I mean really like, OK LOVE, sweets!! I know from experience that I cannot/will not give up all sweets at once, so I decided to change just one thing.

Last Saturday I gave up Pepsi. For those of you that know me well that is a HUGE step. I have drank Pepsi most of my life for goodness sake. But it has been a week now, and although I have had a slight caffine headache for a day or two, for the most part I am feeling really good. Whodathunk it! For those of you who are thinking about joining me on my quest let me give you a few good reasons.

1. Pop is expensive. I figure I am saving at the least $10 a week. Right now that is quite a bit of money to us. Plus by not stopping by the convience store to get a Pepsi I am not tempted to pick up the occasional candy bar or pack of gum.

2. Less sugar in my diet. This is huge and truthfully the reason I gave it up to begin with. As much as I love sweets, sugar makes me feel bad. That is after the initial sugar rush.

3. My stomach does not feel bloated all the time. I didn't really realize this until last night. But it's true, tummy feels a lot better.

4. I don't pass gas as much. At the risk of sounding crude I can tell you this is a big plus. Especially for my husband & kids.

5. I sleep a thousand times better at night! No kidding. If you are having trouble sleeping give up pop and remember to pray before bed. Your body feels better & your mind is at peace.

6. My teeth don't hurt. The fizz in pop eats away at the enamel on my teeth & the sugar makes them hurt.

Let me know if you have anything to add to my list.

I will now get down off my soap box and wish you all a very good week.


Tish said...

This is very commendable of you. I've never really drank pop a lot, but I'm sure there are other things my body would benefit from if I gave them up.

Kathy said...

Good for you! I don't drink pop but I agree that we should take good care of ourselves.

Sis Stubby said...

You will loose weight.
Your kidneys will thank you.
My daughter gave up mountain dew and it helped her with headachs

meNmykids said...

Good for you, I gave up coffee several times. I always feel that I have to give it up when it starts controlling me. I don't want to be under bondage to any substance. You are doing it for the right reasons. Good for you, yay JoAnn!

Sis. Connie M. said...

You are my hero! I LOVE my Mt. Dew. But, lately I too have been thinking more about it. (my, my, could we be finally growing up? he he) I have cut back, but am definately not ready to stop cold turkey. I now get the smallest one every other day instead of 2 big ones every day.
The biggest shocker to me is my mom. She went to Doug's for his birthday and they made a pact. She quit Diet Pepsi, and he quit smoking and Mt. Dew. I bet he has been CRANKY this week!
Good for you! I hope to be able to join you in the pop free world soon.

Tiffany said...

I too love sweets! I have type 1 and type 2 diabetes in my family so i also have to be careful with my sugar intake. I feel so much better when i stay away from sweets. Praying before bed always makes me feel at peace too. Good luck with cutting out the sweets!

Oldtimer said...

One more point - now that you've told the world, we'll all be checking on your progress. And you wouldn't want to fail, would you?
Another hint - don't rely too much on artificial sweeteners as you cut back on your sugar intake. Your Aunt Margaret nearly killed herself (literally) a few months ago eating too much Dannon yogurt that was artificially sweetened.
I've got a few good ideas for low or no sugar goodies that some of you might like. I'll try to post a couple later - if you're interested.

Cindy R. said...

Hey Sis, I'm proud of you. I too have decided to give up my diet pop habit. I will try to encourage you on your journey. We both need to be around for a long, long time. After all there are grandkids to look forward to. lol

JoAnn said...

Thanks everyone for your concern. I really have given up pop. As hard as that is to beleive. Even diet pop. My stomach feels better all ready. Now my next goal is to cut out excess sugar from other areas. I no longer put it on my cereal. I've been doing that since I was three.

Neena said...

I thought I'd commented on this before, but I guess not. I agree with you. Soda is so bad for you. I haven't had any for a long long time. Of course, as Mom said, we don't really drink it that much anyway. Good luck in your endeavor!

Cyndi said...

Good for you! I'm glad you are going pepsi free. I had given up all soda for awhile, but now I have an occasional soda. I feel so yucky after the fact, I wonder why I drink it.

rubixcubeman said...

I've been a pepsi addict for years I was looking to see if anyone else had a blog like mine. Can we link up I would truely appreciate that. You can read my story at:
Its a hard thing to kick, good luck!