Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just HAD to post about this!

If you are not accquainted with our family or our lives you may not understand the import of this event in our lives. You may continue to read if you wish. I just wanted to give you fair warning to bail if you want.

This has been a truly amazing few days for our family. Sunday we had a wonderful meeting in Delta. A young lady who has been going to church with us for about 3 years gave her hand to be babtized after church. After speaking with her mom (who lives in Denver), she asked that we wait until 7pm so that her mom could drive over to be here for it. Her family is not in the faith, but her mom made the drive and was very happy to see this all take place. Afterward, Glenn & Diannes son Mathew gave his hand to Bro. Darrell E. Then a bit later Mandy S. asked Bro. Glenn, then shortly after Glenn's oldest son Raymond asked his Dad to babtize him. So we had a Sunday of great rejoicing.

Yesterday was my birthday. We had an ordinance supper in the new Delta building. Its not quite done, but should be soon. We had a huge crowd, as most of the Delta and Montrose brethern showed up. Truly a very spiritual supper.

Following the double ring greeting my oldest son Tyler gave his hand to be babtized. WOW!!!
I was completely thrilled. Uncle Ray Bellew babtized him at 10:30 last night. I could not have dreamed of a more perfect birthday present. Just wanted to share with you all. I know we all wonder if our childern are understanding anything we are trying to teach them. It is nice to have evidence of your teachings be manifested to you.

I don't think I will be posting much anymore. Our lives have seem to have moved into hyperdrive. I start each day with a list a mile long of all that must be accomplished and rarely do I get it all done. So I am going to try to focus more and play less. I love you all.


Kim said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I am one of those moms that wonder about my children coming to the Lord. I know I just have to continue to pray about it and try to be a good example of what the Lord would have us to be.

meNmykids said...

We love you too, I was so happy to hear of Tylers babtizm. What wonderful times you are all having out there.

Sylvia said...

I was so happy to hear about Tylers babtism. I pray that my children will also come to the Lord in a few years.

I love you too and I understand how life can really take off sometimes. I am need to focus and stop playing too.

billynbarb said...

What a wonderful blessing, and your right a great birthday gift. I love to hear when the young ones or anyone for that matter come into the faith. It just tells us we are doing something right, even when it doesn't seem like they are listening they are...I'm gonna remember that next time it feels like my oldest doesn't hear a thing I say ha ha

Sis. Sabriena said...

I am so happy for your family! What a blessing to have a new member of The Family in your carnal family! Bro. Tyler. Sounds good, doesn't it!! It has been so wonderful to hear of all the baptisms.

Jules said...

I am SO thankful that I got to rejoice in all of those events while I was there! They really brought me peace and comfort! I'm so happy for you!

Mom of 3, Aunt of 14 said...

That is wonderful, great news!

Aunt Peetzapada, sometimes mistaken for Peetzapocket said...

that is really cool :)

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