Thursday, September 11, 2008

PreSchool Dropout

Well we gave it a go anyway! Amy was soooo excited about going to school so we enrolled her in preschool in Olathe. She was thrilled with her new backpack, new school clothes, and her flashy new school shoes, so off she went. Now, as most of you know I am not a huge fan of public schools but I could see that as a very social person she would probably enjoy time to play with children her own age. What could possibly go wrong??

Tuesday of this week after I had her dressed, fed, and ready to leave for school she annouced quite calmly that she was finished with school and would not be going anymore! WHAT?? So we tried to figure out exactly what to do about this situation. Alan said to give her a day off and try again tomorrow. We did, she didn't change her mind, in fact she is even more resolute in her determination that she too will homeschool.

Now I have to go to headstart and unenroll her in preschool.

This morning she brought the map of the world placemat to me and felt she must know all the names of the countries and oceans, (just in case she gets the itch to travel), so her & I talked about the Earth and how it is round like a ball, and yes Norway is much farther away than it looks on the map, and wouldn't it be fun to live in Bolivia, and is that purple stuff surrounding Antartica ice?, (how did she know that Antartica is ice?), and is it called Greenland because it is green?, and where is Hawaii?. So my little preschooler is really a little thinker, and mom should just learn to go with the flow!!

The boys have been busy doing there math & reading, and various writing assignments I give them. They are also studying The Constitution, elections, electoral college, polls and 9/11,
Alex and Emily are still in PS. Although they are making presistant noises (kinda like an annoying little mosquito), that they want to homeschool too. We shall see.


Mrs.Martin said...

How very sweet JoAnn. I already think she is such a cutie anyway, but those are good questions and observations for her age. Homeschooling is a beautiful lifestyle and not just a learning style. You can make it what you want it to be. We are dedicating October to Election stuff too. I have to calm down first, before I can teach it. LoL

JoAnn said...

It sure is fun to teach a subject you are fired up about!!

skylene said...

How funny JoAnn! It amazes me how little children are to have such a mind of their own. Glad you are enjoying homeschooling.

Trina said...

You sound like such a good Mama, and I must say that she sounds quite intelligent! I love it when children show interest in things and they can guide you as to what to teach them.

We are all about the election as well. I bought some great wall hangings that break down our government and all the stipulations for presidents, etc. It's just hanging on the wall at the top of the stairs, and it is amazing what they pick up by casually reading all the info on that wall everyday. And, oh, the O'Reilly factor that is tivoed nightly.....hehehe

Neena said...

Little kids are very inquisitive. Even bigger kids. The most important thing to teach in school is to continue looking for answers to your questions, and to know how to find those answers. Then, even if the individual doesn't do well in actual subjects, they can always learn later.