Thursday, September 4, 2008

Trip to Oregon/This & That

It seems that it has been quite a while since I last posted. To start with I am homeschooling Tyler & Mason this year and we are loving it. It is much less stressful when I am not the one teaching them how to read. So far we are doing math daily, Grammer, twice a week, history & science unit studies (self-designed), and daily journal writing. That has been working quite well thus far. I made the boys sign a contract with me that they would do their work & chores without arguing, fighting, or sassing! Their dad also threatened to send them back to public school if they gave me any guff. So far, so good.

They week that the little kids (Emily, Alex & Amy) started school, Bro. Josh W. passed away in Oregon. Alan & I took Tyler, Mason & our nephew Tim with us and went to Oregon for Josh's funeral. While it was very sad for all of us there was great joy & rejoicing in knowing where we will see him next. I know that life will be very challenging for Cynthia, but she is a strong person and is surrounded by a wonderful family.

While in Oregon we stayed with Rob n Dixie and their girls, (all very beautiful BTW). That was fun it just feels like we never have enough time. Got to spend one night with Steve n Shae & their boys (also quite beautiful). It was fun to watch the teenagers play their little games, funny that one of those kids is now mine!
On Sat, when we were in Oregon, we took Amber & the boys to the Pacific Ocean. It was a blast. We spent a lot of time getting soaked at Cape Perpetua. I do have pictures but they are on the other camera. That is the problem with having two cameras.

In other news. My dad came to see us last weekend. We went to Ouray and hiked at box canyon falls then dad took us all swimming at the Hot Springs pool. It is my kids favorite place to swim. Alex has pretty much taught himself how to swim this summer, Amy is well on her way. All in all it was a very nice day. Tyler turned 14 that day also. Can't hardly beleive that. He was just a baby a few days ago! Mason is 12 now and is getting pretty wound up about being a teenager next year. I know that soon my young men will be gone from our home and have homes of their own. I only hope I can give them all tools they need to take care of themselves when they go. They above are some pictures of our trip to Ouray.


Amber Lois said...

I was great to see you again. Love you can't wait to see the pictures that you took out here.

meNmykids said...

Lovely pictures! Sounds like you really had a bunch of excitement in the last while.

Trina said...

I am so glad that we got to see you guys at the funeral. Wasn't it an amazing turn out....incredible! I am happy that you got to make it to Oregon again. You are so good about traveling. Den and I have been quite stagnant in the last few years with these new babies that we have had. You are a good example of getting around to see everyone!

Tish said...

I'm so sorry we missed seeing you. There was a catasrophe on Matt's job; and it was NOT a good time to have a day off. And for some reason I didn't really want to deal with taking the 4 kids by myself. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, despite the sad circumstances.

Jules said...

I loved your pictures, they were all so good! That was a sad reason to go to Oregon (poor Cynthia), but I'm glad you got to have some fun family time :)

Mrs.Martin said...

Love the pictures. We have been praying for Cynthia too. What a big mountain she will have to climb.