Friday, March 7, 2008

Just started this blogging Thing

Hey everyone. I hope that you will leave some comments here and help me figure out how to do this. I feel like I am just starting grade school & everyone else started many months before. So I will have to catch up. I have loved reading everyone elses blogs. It is such a nice way to keep in touch with all our family & friends scattered across the country. For those who don't know me I'm JoAnn McCracken. Married to Alan for 14 years. We have lived in Colorado for the past 5 1/2 years. We live on a small farm, where we raise our own beef. We have our water well drilling business that we started Feb. 2006. It is called McCracken Well Drilling, (catchy Huh?)

Our childern are Tyler (13), Mason (11), Emily (8), Alex (5), Amy(4). Hope to hear from you all soon.


michelle said...

So glad to see you here.Some of us that live in small places can use the blogging friends to make it thru the days and weeks.

Jules said...

Hi Joann! I happened to see your comment on Gale's blog and was so excited that you started a blog! I really loved seeing you out here! I'm sorry it was under the circumstances it was though. I love your mom, she is SUCH a NICE person. If you want, come check out my blog:
Well, again it's great to see you on here and we'll be in touch :)