Friday, March 7, 2008

Meet the Family

This is our oldest child. Tyler turned 13 in Sept. Our lives have not been the same since. He is a great kids, but has serious mood swings. I hope he outgrows that soon. One minute he is happy, laughing, having fun, the next ....."Bar the Door" He gets mad, weepy, sullen. All within the space of about 5 minutes. But he is growing up quickly. Not terribly interested in girls yet, but can't wait until he gets a car and license. I'm kind of glad about the girl thing, cause I would rather put that off a while.
The picture is a bit dated. It was taken Dec. 2006 at Disneyland. But he just looks so happy there. We had such a great time on that trip. Hope to take the kids to Disneyworld in a couple of years.


meNmykids said...

Love the picture! It is great that you are blogging, we can keep up with each other now. Maybe Cendie will join? I love blogging.

michelle said...
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JoAnn said...

Thanks guys for posting. Please post a link at your pages so others can find me.

Just wanted to let you know that mom & dad have been going to church at Sapulpa very regularly since she got sick. So I believe this is a blessing in many ways. She hasn't been back to the hospital since I was out there to see her. Remember her in your prayers.

Love You All,

Trina said...

Hi JoAnn! Thanks for the email letting me know that you have this new blog! I will add you to my friends list for sure! Its always fun to read more about everyone. I hope you really enjoying blogging so we can count on your little posts. Your family is beautiful too!!! I will show Den that you have a blog, he will love checking in, even if he isnt a big commenter. Lots of love!

Jules said...

He was just a little teething baby when I met him and you :) I can't believe he's 13! Time has flown!