Thursday, March 20, 2008

So Much to do So Little Time

I have finally found my camera usb cord and managed to transfer some photos. The first is of my mom. Her color is not real good here and she need prayers. We are going to see her again soon.
The second is of Alex and his airplane that his dad made. What a cutie he is. I just love my little guy. He has such personality. I am in the middle of spring cleaning, but still have so much to accomplish.
Sis. Teresa B. called this morning to let me know she had a baby girl at 8:40 last night. So I ran over to see her. Baby is healthy and beautiful. Now I am waiting for word on Dixie, Angela, and of course Trina. Time to do some gift shopping. I just love little babies, don't really need another one myself. But I love spoiling everyone elses.
Alan & I took a quick trip to Las Vegas to pick up a diesel motor he had purchased on ebay. We only paid 431. for it and with the trip cost we have less than 1,000 dollars invested in it. Well today he was working on it and it started up perfect. We are so thankful for this because we need to replace the motor on the drill (deck portion) so that he can make some money and we thought we were going to have to spend like 5,000 or more to fix it.
So this is what is happening around our place. Hope to here from you all soon.


Jules said...

I feel so bad for your mom having to endure this trial. She is always in Ryan and I's prayers. She is such a sweet person. I look forward to seeing you again. I like Alex's airplane, he looks so proud of it ;) I'm glad you got a good purchase and didn't have to put more money into it.

michelle said...

I like Alex's airplane thanks for the pictures.So glad Sis Teresa has aheathy baby girl.

Cherrie said...

What a awesome plane and I agree he is adorable. I hope to see you when you come see your mom. Our prayers are for her, we saw them at church on sunday. I always love to hear when a healthy baby is born.

Marisela said...

Babys are so sweet. I too am anxiously awaiting Trina's new little one.

meNmykids said...

Love Alexs plane. Have been remembering your mom. She doesn't look so good.

Tish said...

That's so nice that your son loves his plane so much. We will be praying for your mom. I'm glad that things worked out for the diesal engine. God sure does take care of our needs.